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Antique Moving

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All Jersey Moving & Storage Excels at Moving Antiques

When moving, there are certain items that require special care, especially antiques.  From heirloom dishware and porcelain to fragile furniture, antiques need a gentle but steady hand. Some of these items are priceless - and so is your peace of mind.

All Jersey Moving & Storage has both the experience and expertise required to move antiques.  Each piece is assessed for the best way to pack, move, store and protect it. Decades of moving have taught us which techniques are vital to avoid breakages. Our movers are trained to use padding, cardboard, bubble wrap or foam to secure items properly. In some instances, several layers of packaging are necessary and a plywood crate may be required for the outer layer to provide the utmost protection.

Whether you own a few heirloom antiques or a full collection, All Jersey Moving & Storage will use their trademark care and skills when moving them.  We can provide you with tips about the best materials and methods to pack them yourself, or we can handle it for you. Alerting us about which items are antiques is essential as this dictates the packing technique or method of transport we'll use.

Some Tips before You Move Antiques:

●      Get them appraised and insured.  All items of value should be insured for your move, but it’s recommended to get any antique furniture or collectibles appraised too prior to your move.

●      Don’t cut corners.  If you decide to pack your antiques without the help of professional movers, we recommend using high quality moving boxes that are double- or triple-walled. Protect precious items with bubble wrap, plenty of paper and foam.

●      Use your label maker.  Or buy some labels including Do Not Load, Load Last/Unload Last, Do Not Pack, and Fragile.

●      Empty Furniture.  Typically you can leave clothing and linens inside drawers during a move, but that’s not the case when moving antique furniture.  Removing any extra weight makes transporting them safer. Also in many cases antique furniture will have decorative legs or claw feet which are very fragile. In addition, any ornate pieces that can be easily removed should be packed separately. Remember to save those screws in a safe place as they are not easily replaced.

●      Save some room in your car.  Most people have a box or two of precious possessions or family heirlooms that they'd rather move themselves.


The Benefits of Using a Professional Moving Company to Move Antiques:

●      Avoid damage. Call professional movers! Antique furniture is fragile due to its age and can be very costly to repair. Some casters, hardware and other parts can be very difficult or impossible to replace.

●      Reduce stress.  Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your most cherished belongings or how to move your grandmother's vanity.

●      Save time. Don’t spend time researching the best ways to move antiques - we already know how and have years of experience doing it.

●      Save money. All Jersey Moving & Storage offers competitive rates for specialized moving services like handling antiques.

Stop worrying and give us a call - or use the link below - for a free quote on your upcoming move!

We recently moved the Buccleuch Mansion and the Cornelius Low house. The same care we took with them, is what we will take with you. See the pictures of the move below.


Antique Moving
Antique Moving

Antique Moving Truck
Antique Moving