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Cubicle & Workstation Installation

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You Don't Have to Dread Your Office Move

When you're relocating into a new office space, you don't want business to come to a screeching halt. Moving with an inexperienced company can do just that, leaving your systems furniture in a state of disarray. Fortunately, with All Jersey Moving and Storage, you can have peace of mind knowing that your office furniture is in good hands. Our skilled movers have the experience necessary to uninstall your cubicles and work stations, and expertly reinstall them in your new office location. Our moving company can disassemble your panels, table tops, file cabinets and overhead compartments.

If necessary, we can reconfigure your cubicles to fit the size and layout of your new work space. When reconfiguration is required, we come out to view the system to determine the manufacturer, model, and version as well as the proposed configuration. Whether you require additional work stations or need to split up quad configurations, All Jersey Moving and Storage is a moving company that you can trust to execute the move professionally and on schedule. (Still worried about your office move? Don't fret - check out our Office Moving Guide.

Because many office panels have built-in electrical outlets, an electrician is sometimes needed on-site to disconnect the electrical feed and ensure the safety of your office equipment. Our installers and moving experts have experience working on most of the basic systems furniture available on the market.

Our Process

An experienced moving company, our team of movers are trained to work alongside our installers. This is critical to ensuring the moving process runs smoothly, whether you require a simple installation or a more complex reconfiguration.

  • We take an inventory of your current configuration and work with you to configure your new office.
  • We order any panels or parts needed to complete the reconfiguration.
  • If necessary, we can recommend an electrician or any other service provider that may be needed to complete your installation.


Sometimes, moving to a new office is an opportunity to purchase new furniture systems. If that's the case, All Jersey Moving and Storage can help you liquidate any unwanted office furniture. Most companies find it too difficult to sell a large lot of used office furniture and end up tossing the items in a dumpster. Although some furniture is easier to liquidate than others, we have the expertise and contacts necessary to give you the best chance at avoiding sending your items to the landfill.

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