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Medical Equipment Moving

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Moving a Medical Office is a Big Undertaking

More than a standard move, relocating a medical facility like a doctor’s office or laboratory requires the utmost care and precision.  Between heavy machinery and sensitive equipment, it is imperative that movers be trained to expertly handle everything from the largest to the smallest item.

 All Jersey Moving & Storage has established a reputation for providing expert medical moving services across New Jersey, New York and the East Coast. We give clients peace of mind that their equipment is in capable hands, allowing them to spend time handling other moving tasks and logistics.

All Jersey Moving & Storage executes medical office moves with a focus on safety, both for your items and our movers. We provide our movers with the specialized training, techniques and knowledge necessary to complete your move safely, quickly and efficiently. The All Jersey Moving & Storage team has extensive experience moving a myriad of medical supplies and machines.

Whether you're moving a short distance from one floor of a commercial space to another, or relocating your office to a different zip code, we perform moves on schedule to get your practice up and running as quickly as possible.

Our professional moving staff have safely transported:

  • Optical tables, laboratory hoods, and large microscopes
  • Speciality examination tables and dental exam chairs
  • Various medical equipment for many different medical fields
  • Filing cabinets, fax machines, computers, fixtures, and other general office equipment

Why Use A Professional Moving Company for your Medical Moving Needs?

  • Avoid Damages To Commercial Spaces. Moving large equipment can result in damage to walls, floors, stairwells and even ceilings when inexperienced or casual movers forget how to measure for turns and angles appropriately. Leave your current space pristine by calling professional movers who know how to safely maneuver large, delicate equipment.

  • Avoid Damage To Your Equipment. Nothing is worse than opening materials to find them damaged. When it comes to medical equipment, these mistakes can be extremely costly. Make sure your equipment and tools arrive in one piece by using a professional mover with specialized expertise moving medical equipment.

  • Transport your Files with Ease. Your patient files are important, confidential and often irreplaceable. When moving medical and dental offices, we use wooden library carts to transport active patient files. This removes the hassle of having to pack files away in cardboard boxes and helps keep files in order when they arrive at your new office.

  • Save Time. When professional movers are used, you can expect a smoother, faster moving process. Professional movers ask the right questions prior to the move to prepare accordingly so that moving day goes seamlessly. By entrusting your move to a company with medical moving experience, you can devote your time to patient relations and managing other office logistics.

  • It’s Affordable. Professional movers are an exceedingly affordable choice, especially when faced with the possibility of paying for damages or replacements caused by inexperienced movers. Because an experienced moving company can complete your move more quickly than inexperienced movers, you'll avoid an unnecessarily lengthy, expensive move.

  • It's Simple. Just call All Jersey Moving & Storage to discuss the scope of your move, the specific equipment you need to relocate, and your moving schedule.

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