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How to Move Your Piano (Pain-Free!)

If you're a music lover, your ears should perk up. Moving to a new home or condo can be exhausting and stressful in and of itself. But pianists have the added burden of having to arrange for the safe relocation of one of their most prized possessions - their instrument! Even if you're moving your piano to another room in your home or to another part of the room, the move can be tricky and onerous.

Why It Pays Not to DIY

Technically, you can attempt to take on the task of piano moving without professional assistance, but that decision can come at a great cost. You may want to save money, but if your DIY piano move goes awry, you can seriously injure yourself, or damage your walls, flooring or the instrument itself. These accidents can lead to pricey repairs and add to - rather than reduce - an already sprawling to-do list. That's why so many people choose to forego the solo move and hire a professional moving company to transport their piano safely to their new abode.  

Using a team of professional movers ends up being stress-free and the most economical option when it comes to piano moving.

Hiring the Right Moving Company for the Job

Not all moving companies are created equal. Make sure that you identify professional movers that have expertise in piano and antique moving. Do your due diligence, getting quotes and speaking with consumers who have used the top moving companies that you are considering. Make sure to speak with consumers who they assisted with piano moves, not simply general moves.

Another thing you can do is conduct a general online search to see if people have been pleased with their experiences using the moving company you have in mind. Remember, going with a cheap moving company with poor ratings can cost you more money and aggravation in the long run. Investing in a professional moving company with top ratings and experience moving pianos is a decision you'll be glad that you made in the long run.

Piano Prep: How to Prepare for Moving Day

Just like packing and labelling boxes in preparation for your general move, your piano move involves some prep work. Step 1 - and this is an important one - is considering purchasing insurance coverage for the piano separate from the rest of your moving shipment. A high value asset, pianos should be covered under their own insurance policy in the event of damage during the move. Check with the moving company you're considering booking to see what - if any - liability coverage they offer, but remember that basic coverage rarely covers the cost of repairing or replacing expensive items like grand pianos!

Step 2 of preparation is, of course, packing. If you're hiring professional movers, they'll pad and protect your instrument. If you plan to handle this part of the moving process on your own, then here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Cover the piano legs with special padding. (If you plan to move the piano on your own, remember that piano legs can break or crack quite easily if they're not expertly moved.)

2. Steer clear of using plastic and tape against piano surfaces to keep padding in place - this can damage the finish on your piano.

3. Pack your sheet music and any other removable parts prior to moving day to ensure nothing is lost, damaged or misplaced in transit.  Its also a good measure to empty the contents of the music bench to prevent damage to the legs in transit.

4. Consider hiring an experienced technician soon after delivery to have your piano tuned and the mechanism stabilized.

All in all, the best thing you can do to ensure that your piano is moved safely and cost-efficiently is hiring a professional moving company like All Jersey Moving & Storage, which has decades of experience with pianos and other delicate, high-value antiques. Contact a representative today for a free estimate -- it may just be music to your ears.

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