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Why do People Move out of State

Many of us are aware of the states that people are moving to in droves. But when is the last time you actually stopped to think about what drives these “out of state” migration patterns?

People move to a new state for a multitude of reasons. Motivations for moving often differ based on the life stage a person is at, but other personal, economic and social factors play a role too.

At All Jersey Moving & Storage, we specialize in residential long distance moving as well as commercial long distance moving. We have moved countless students, retirees, seniors, professionals, businesses and families, who have moved for a variety of reasons. Motivators for moving out of state evolve and change with the times. But there are some common motivational factors that explain why so many people move out of state.

Why People Move

Tax Advantages. There are currently seven U.S. states which do not have an income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. Further, residents of New Hampshire and Tennessee pay tax on dividends and income from investments, but are not taxed on regular income. These states – especially Nevada, Texas and Florida – are experiencing a mass influx of migration. States that have low or no income tax attract thousands of residents.

Cost of Living. States like New York and California are known for their sky high rent, especially in the metro areas. Many people move to a new state to take advantage of lower cost of living and more affordable housing. Cost of living takes into account the price of goods and services while housing affordability refers to how expensive home prices are relative to the median family income. The most affordable states based on cost of living and housing affordability are West Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Ohio. On the other hand, the most expensive states to live in include New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Alaska, Vermont, Maryland, New Jersey

Weather. News flash: people want to be where the sun is shining. People are lured to states like Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina and Arizona not just because they have low taxes, but because they have relatively good weather. Many people move away from states known for their long, harsh winters or gloomy rain seasons, opting instead for sunnier states. Retirees are a demographic that takes weather into consideration when determining where they want to spend their senior years. Still, certain states are experiencing population loss despite their beautiful weather due to high cost of living and housing. In fact, California has lost more than 3 million of its own residents to migration since 1990. In fact, California has so many exiles that they are often blamed for inflating housing prices in nearby states such as Oregon and Arizona.

Family. Not surprisingly, Family ties motivate people to move to a new state. People often move to a new state after getting married or having children so that they can afford to purchase a home together. Others move after a divorce or job loss to be closer to a family support system. Many people move away to a new state for business but return to take care of an ill parent or family member. Some college graduates move back to their home state to live with their parents while they search for a job, pay off student loans and save money. Whatever one’s age or life stage, many people want to build their homes and raise families surrounded by loves ones.

Quality of Life. Many factors impact whether or not a person truly loves where they live. Affordability and career opportunities definitely contribute, but there other factors that directly influence how enjoyable daily life is. Access to quality health care and education is something many people consider when choosing the state they want to live in. Families want to live in safe neighborhoods with low crime rates, beautiful parks and great children’s programs. Retirees often want slower paced communities with character, arts and culture. Professionals want to live in a state where they can enjoy shorter commutes and avoid sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for hours on end. Everyone has their own “check list” of what makes a community desirable enough to call home.

Natural Disasters. Turn on any news channel and you will hear about natural disasters that are devastating communities across the nation, from hurricanes Irma and Maria to the wildfires reaping havoc in California. Wildfires, hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes and other natural disasters force people out of their homes. While some people whose homes are lost or damaged beyond repair move to nearby communities, others choose to make their home in a new state where natural disasters are less frequent.

Education and Employment Opportunities. Many inbound moves are driven by people relocating because they were offered an enticing new job. Often, professionals move to large urban centers for attractive job opportunities. Many people who are unsatisfied with their current role or are currently unemployed move to new states to seek better opportunities. Some people who are already employed but work in a bordering state move in order to be closer to their place of employment. For instance, some New Jersey residents who work in Manhattan or another NYC borough ultimately decide to relocate to reduce their commute. Many students are motivated to move out of state so that they can attend their college of choice. While many return to their home state upon graduation, some remain in their college state to seek employment or pursue higher level education.

The Key to Making Your Out of State Move A Success.

Hire A Professional Mover. When it comes to moving to a new state, you cannot afford a moving disaster. You don’t want your movers to arrive late, damage your belongings or new home, or leave you with a shocking bill exponentially greater than your estimate. To avoid these moving mishaps, it’s imperative that you hire a reputable professional mover like All Jersey Moving & Storage that is experienced with long distance moves. We have been helping professionals, families, students, seniors and business move locally as well as out of state for decades. We have the expertise and tools necessary to safely and securely move your belongings – from your delicate china to your 1000+lb pool table. Our movers know how protect your walls, floors, stairwells and ceilings during the moving process, and ensure that your furniture and belongings arrive unscathed. We provide clients with a written estimate, itemized inventory as well as a contract. Our fair, competitive prices and track record of providing excellent service have enabled us to become one of New Jersey’s top moving companies.

Explore Storage Options. As you pack for your out of state move, you will have to be mindful of what you want to bring along with you. It does not pay to transport certain items, especially if they hold little monetary or sentimental value. As you evaluate your belongings, tag the items you want to pack and identify what you would rather sell, give to friends and family or donate to charity. There will likely be items that you cannot afford to transport or simply don’t have room for in your new home. These items can be stored in a secure storage facility until you have a need for them.

At All Jersey Moving & Storage, we have our own New Jersey-based containerized storage facility. Once you have secured our moving services, you will not have to waste time worrying about finding a self-storage facility, doing the necessary "background" research and coordinating logistics between your movers and storage facility. You also avoid having to visit the facility in person to sign paperwork or waiting while your movers unload your storage so that you can lock and secure your unit. Once our movers have loaded up their truck, you are free to tackle the many other things on your to-do list, be it heading over to your new property or bidding farewell to local friends and family.

Unlike at a self-storage facility, furniture and boxes are not simply stacked on top of one another. Most self-storage units have 8-10' ceilings, so items which are no longer blanket-wrapped are piled high to maximize space. Simply put, this puts your valuables at serious risk of being damaged. At the All Jersey Moving & Storage residential and commercial containerized storage facility, your items are stored in large sealed and secured wooden containers so that nothing can be scraped, crushed or dented. We also have racks where sofas and loveseats can remain on their feet during storage. When these items are stacked in self-storage facilities, they are often left with permanent indentations or even tears in the upholstery.

Get to Know Your Community. Moving to a new state is a lot more challenging than moving within your community or to a nearby community for many reasons. Leaving behind a familiar community with friends and family nearby can be painful. It’s important to set yourself up for success in your new community by taking a few action steps both before and after moving day. Book a few long weekend trips to your new home before the big move so that you can familiarize yourself with the community. Find your local grocery store, bank, pharmacy, gas station, and other key spots in order to help ease the transition when you arrive. As you unpack and get settled after moving day, make time to check out local restaurants, coffee shops and other neighborhood hot spots. Push yourself to get involved in the community to meet new people. Consider joining the local gym or running club, volunteering for a local non-profit, or signing up for a cooking class. Hang photos of friends and loves ones on the wall and put up your favorite artwork and items you have picked up on your travels. All of these efforts will help make your new state feel more like home much more quickly.

Be prepared. Yes, moving to a new state can be stressful, but there are many items on your “To Do List” that you can knock off well before moving day in order to guarantee an easier, more enjoyable transition to your new home. Our team of professional movers has put together some helpful information to make your long distance move as smooth as possible. Below is a list of states and what you need to know when moving there:

Some of the services our movers provide include:

If you are planning to move to another state, you have a lot on your plate. Moving is never easy, especially if you are moving to a new state. By working with a professional moving company experienced with New York City moves like All Jersey Moving & Storage, you can have peace of mind that your move will go smoothly so you can focus on adjusting to life in in the Big Apple.

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